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 Apply - Arkenemy

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PostSubject: Apply - Arkenemy    18/9/2010, 6:50 pm

In order to make your apply create a thread with your name as thread title, and use the form given below:

1. Nickname, Subclasses?, Nobless?, Level?

2. Alternative Chars: Nicks/Classes/Level?

3. Your experience in L2 (servers, how long you play), RBs, sieges, etc?

4. Your gear?

5. Previous Clans, reason for leaving?

6. Age, Sex?

7. You can use TeamSpeak/Ventrilo to listen and speak members and leaders? y/n

8. Can your pc handle bigger actions? y/n How many hours you spend in game?

9. Anyone on LAST know you, and who will +v you?

10. Introduce yourself:

11. What's your Country and GMT?

Responses :

1.- Arkenemy / BD 75 , SK 75 TYRANT 76 / YES.

2.- WC 78 / BD 78 / PP 78 / SE 77 / SWS 56 / WARLOCK 56.

3.-Playing l2 7 years ago since C2 , Can't remenber most of the server but here are a someones Elwyn / Retail likes / Wrath.

4.- Set A: Tallum Heavy Set S: IC
Weapons: AM SA , Dual S +4 both Full element.

5.- Justicieros / IW Mojona's proposed.

6.- 21, Male.

7.- Yes Team Speak(3,2,1) / skype / ventrilo.

8.-All Day Long Very Happy

9.-No for the moment.

10.-I like be funny most of the time, helpful, loyal, and perfecctionist in most of the things that I do.

11.-Peru, 2hours less than Brazil but there is not a problem if is really necesary ( Siege, Camp of Boss ).

flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower
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PostSubject: Re: Apply - Arkenemy    18/9/2010, 8:25 pm

Well Arkenemy, since Nicolas need SWM and BD for his LOL Nuker pt, you 2 will be our asap.

Pm Hellamiel / Kessin / Saurun for invite
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PostSubject: Re: Apply - Arkenemy    18/9/2010, 8:31 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Apply - Arkenemy    

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Apply - Arkenemy
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