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Mojona////Aplly Empty
PostSubject: Mojona////Aplly   Mojona////Aplly I_icon_minitime18/9/2010, 2:33 am

1. Nickname, Subclasses?, Nobless?, Level?

2. Alternative Chars: Nicks/Classes/Level?

3. Your experience in L2 (servers, how long you play), RBs, sieges, etc?

4. Your gear?

5. Previous Clans, reason for leaving?

6. Age, Sex?

7. You can use TeamSpeak/Ventrilo to listen and speak members and leaders? y/n

8. Can your pc handle bigger actions? y/n How many hours you spend in game?

9. Anyone on LAST know you, and who will +v you?

10. Introduce yourself:

11. What's your Country and GMT?

1.- mojona, sws 76, noblesse coming
2.- crafter70, dc79,sd79,hierphant78
3.-l2 Wrath 9 months all rb Aden Giran and gludio sieges
4.- Set A: maj hvy ligth,nm ligth heavy,dc robe y ligth, tallum heavy
Set S: draco
Weapons: AM ,DHA,Bassalt, Dual S ,
Tat set
5.- IW, invitation from Kessin to join Last
6.- 22, Male
7.- Yes Team Speak(3,2,1)
8.- yes, no less than 3 per day

*9.-Kessin, kero invitar Arkenemy
10.-im a good person loyal to mates helpfull,and fun active Smile
11.-Peru, 2hours less than Brazil
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Mojona////Aplly Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mojona////Aplly   Mojona////Aplly I_icon_minitime18/9/2010, 8:50 am

Well, i like to play with outsiders, specially because i think ppl from othe countries play better than almost all brazilians (with few exceptions).

But i need to know something.

Mojona, you know, if you join us with your actual char you gonna be SWM slave, cause spoil is good to farm, to be rich, but useless for pvp.

If you keep it in your mind and dont care about play with swm everytime, you're inside.
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